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Seagrass-associated invertebrate communities of the southeastern USA: a review
Measuring effects of predation on benthic communities in soft sediments
Predator caging experiments in soft sediments: caution advised
Leaf growth rate of the seagrass Halodule Wrightii photographically measured in situ
Predation on estuarine infauna: Response patterns of component species
The importance of predation by crabs and fishes on benthic infauna in Chesapeake Bay
An illusrated glossary of polychaete terms
Motile epifauna of marine macrophytes in the Indian River Lagoon, Florida. I. Comparisons among three species of seagrasses from adjacent beds
Motile epifauna of marine macrophytes in the Indian River Lagoon, Florida. II. Comparisons between drift algae and three species of seagrasses
Seagrass beds versus sand bottoms: the trophic importance of their associated benthic invertebrates.
Evaluating the Feasibility of Transplanting to Promote Seagrass Recovery in the Indian River Lagoon. Final Report for Contract No. 24676. Submitted to St. Johns River Water Management District.
Colonization of artificial seagrass versus time and distance from source
Seasonal abundance and distribution of drift algae and seagrasses in the Mid-Indian River Lagoon, Florida
Fragments of the seagrasses Halodule wrightii and Halophila johnsonii as potential recruits in Indian River Lagoon, Florida
Seasonality and spatial patterns of the seagrass-associated amphipods of the Indian River Lagoon, Florida
The relationship between fish abundance and algal biomass in a seagrass-drift algae community
Harbortown marina seagrass study
Latitudinal patterns in seagrass epifauna: Do patterns exist, and can they be explained?
Rehabilitation of impounded estuarine wetlands by hydrologic reconnection to the Indian River Lagoon, Florida (USA)