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Underwater laser systems
Johnson-Sea-Link data logging system user's manual
Underwater applications of solid-state laser technology
Improved methods for visual and photographic benthic surveys
Non-conventional techniques for sampling and collecting marine organisms
Design for reliability—ensuring a dry environment for electronics and electromechanical systems
Modern power distribution and conversion in undersea systems
Submersible-mounted electro-sampler for use in fresh water: Operating manual
Design and development of an autocalibrating radiometer for deep sea biooptical studies
Output power stabilization of collimated, solid-state laser emissions as applied to high accuracy attenuance measurements
In situ forward scatter and transmittance measurement using a low power laser diode.
Semiconductor laserbased instrumentation for ocean-optical studies: problems in design, testing and calibration
Upgrading the electrical and electronic systems of the manned research submersibleCLELIA
Laser systems and structured illumination for quantitative undersea imaging
Water, sediment, and organism sampling systems designed for small ROVs
Recent advances in quantitative undersea photographic methods
Harbor Branch submersibles command a role in underwater scientific sampling
The manned submersible as an effective sampling and imaging platform
Measurements of transmission fluctuations at three ranges for refracted paths through the deep ocean
Development of specialpurpose benthic geo-chemical and biological samplers at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution