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Development of a scale for the measurement of evolutionarily important situation characteristics
Differences in situational perception moderated by presence (absence) of others
Attitudinal Evaluation of Ex-Vivo Cultivated Meat; Exploring Methods of Increasing Appeal
Properties of situations related to evolved goals
An examination of relationships between mindfulness, personality, anxiety, and depression in Americans and Japanese college students
Evaluating the effects of data collection methodology on the assessment of situations with the riverside situational q-sort
From Study Hall to Skipping Class: An Examination of the Relationship Between Situations and Academic Performance
Personality and perceptions of situations from the thematic apperception test: quantifying alpha and beta press
The DIAMONDS at Work: Applying the DIAMONDS Dimensions to Occupations
Factors related to the experience of situations: Time of day, gender, and employment status
Assessing Situations On Social Media: Temporal, Demographic, And Personality Influences On Situation Experience
Examining the factor structure of the riverside situational Q-SORT
Narcissism Admiration and Rivalry Using Situation Research
The directionality of person-situation transactions: Spill-over effects among and between situation experiences and personality states