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Guncotton to smokeless powder: The development of nitrocellulose as a military explosive, 1845-1929
Restored voices: a living link to the past
Industry and inlets of Florida's Indian River Lagoon, 1842-1900
Review of the Boca Raton Campus Island Ecosystem
Public History in the Digital Age
Linnaeus’ and Buffon’s Ornithological Methodological During the Age of Enlightenment
brief history of Project Orion
British redoubts of St. Augustine
Gifts from home: Material culture and American immigrant women in the 20th century
history of the saltwater sport fishing industry in Florida
Leesburg, Florida during World War II: Portrait of an American home front
Steamboat jack: the degenerate scion of a noble line? Cultural representations of the American sailor and the meaning of maritime in the nineteenth century great lakes maritime world
Oral History as a Means of Moral Repair: Jim Crow Racism and the Mexican Americans of San Antonio, Texas