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A preliminary biological study of the link port canal
Fouling community studies in the Indian River
Responses of common fouling organisms in the Indian River, Florida, to various predation and disturbance intensities
Seasonal variation in species composition of recently settled fouling communities along an environmental gradient in the Indian River Lagoon, Florida
Studies on fouling invertebrates in the Indian River: 1. Seasonality of settlement
Studies on fouling invertebrates in the Indian River, Florida 2: effect of Modulus modulus (Prosobranchia: Modulidae)
Removal of suspended particles by fouling communities
Sediments from a living shelf-edge reef and adjacent area off central eastern Florida
Absorption efficiencies of the intertidal mangrove dwelling mollusk Melampus coffeus LINNÉ and the rocky intertidal mollusk Acanthopleura granulata GMELIN
Larval andosteological development of the sheepshead, Archosargus probatocephalus (Pisces: Sparidae)
Indian River fouling organisms, a review
Some preliminary observations on the homing of the West Indian chiton Acanthopleura granulate
Homing in the West Indian Chiton Acanthopleura granulata Gmelin, 1791
Effects of disturbance and initial settlement on fouling community structure
Organic determinations by ignition: caution advised
Production and off-bank transport of carbonate sediment, black rock, southwest Little Bahama Bank
Clearing and staining larval fishes
A pneumatically operated slurp gun