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Effect of preparation temperature on crystal structure properties on nanophase Fe-substituted hydroxyapatite
Crystal structure studies of cone snail shells by powder x-ray diffraction
method of verification of the total treatment time for the APBI (Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation) devices
Simultaneous x-ray and neutron diffraction Rietveld refinements of nanophase Fe substituted hydroxyapatite
Accurate verification of balloon rotation correction for the contura® multi-lumen device for accelerated partial breast irradiation
A Comparative Analysis of Monte Carlo and Collapsed Cone Dose Calculation Algorithms for Monaco 3D Treatment Plans
A New Mechanical and Radiation Isocenter Adjustment Approach Using the Isopoint
An Algorithm to Determine IMRT Optimization Parameters within the Elekta Monaco® Treatment Planning System that Increases Dose Homogeneity and Dose Conformity in the Planning Target Volume