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Surface metrologyand 3-D imaging with laser line scanners
Development of tools for underwater vehicles
Quantifying, tracking and identifying bioluminescent plankton usingactive contour models (Master’s thesis)
Underwater marketplace: ROV tooling
Comparison and development of compression algorithms for AUV telemetry: Recent advancements
Developments in laser-line scanned undersea surface mapping and image analysis systems for scientific applications
Underwater imaging and optics: recent advances
Design and performance characterization of simultaneous reflectance and surface-mapping laser scanner for application in underwater inspection
A focus on recent developments and trends in underwater imaging
DSP hardware implementation of transform-based compression algorithm for AUV telemetry
A 3-D laser line scanner for outcrop scale studies of seafloor features
Tracking and mapping underwater bioluminescent displays using snakes
Computer vision techniques for quantifying, tracking, and identifying bioluminescent plankton
A specialized ROV for cleaning groundwater recharge basins
Advanced underwater laser systems for ranging, size estimation and profiling