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The development and use of an equipment retrieval reel
High efficiency hubless ringpropeller for underwater vehicles
Developing a high  efficiency ring thruster for underwater vehicles
Use of a simple water column sampler to monitor chemical and biological conditions in shallow waters
An automated system of sample analysis for a total carbon analyser
A close-interval sampler for collection of sediment pore waters for nutrient analyses
Subtidal cultivation of the American oyster, Crassostrea virginica, utilizing a flexible belt
Comparative study of nozzle thrust for jet propulsion of a shallow water aquacultural research craft.
Mechanized implements for the cultivation of marine bivalve molluscs
A self-contained instrument for digital recording of submarine quantum irradiance and photoperiod
A specialized ROV for cleaning groundwater recharge basins
High efficiency, counter-rotating ring thruster for underwater vehicles
Portable tripod drop net for estuarine fish studies
Larval development of Galathea rostrata under laboratory conditions, with a discussion of larval development in the Galatheidae (Crustacea Anomura)