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Multi-path parameter and source localization for 2.4 GHz ISM radio band
electromagnetic code evaluation in the 100 MHz to 1000 MHz region
software-hardware implementation of a real-time digital signal processing receiver for noise detection using a broadband microwave correlation technique
Ka-band radiometry in the Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS) system
Effect of fading on the performance of a satellite communications link
Control system for a QPSK burst modem used for ACTS satellite testing
Diversity performance of DS-CDMA systems in multipath fading channels
Optimizing body-proximate telecommunications devices in direct and multipath propagation
Optimally polarized monopulse signals for target parameter estimation in clutter
Propagation on satellite path in Ka-band
Radar cross section of an open-ended rectangular waveguide cavity: A massively parallel implementation applied to high-resolution radar cross section imaging
T1 Satcom interface used in conjunction with ACTS VSAT terminal
maximum entropy bandwidth extrapolation technique using wavelet subspaces
Electromagnetic scattering from a periodic array of open-ended rectangular waveguide apertures
Estimation of atmospheric gaseous absorption using surface and radiosonde meteorological measurements
Comparison of computer modelled monopole element with both 120 buried ground radials and 4 elevated ground radials at various heights using NEC-81 versus measured field data in the standard AM broadcast band at 1 MHz
EM polarization measurement campaign and its applications
Modeling and measurement of the response of small antennas near multilayered two or three-dimensional dielectric bodies
Synchronization in digital wireless radio receivers