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Source and fate oflipids in polar gelatinous zooplankton
Diet of Limacina helicina (Gastropoda: Thecosomata) in Artic waters in midsummer
Medusae from McMurdo sound, Ross Sea including the descriptions of two new species, Leuckartiara brownei and Benthocodon hyalinus
Western Atlantic midwater hydrozoan and scyphozoan medusae: in situ studies using manned submersibles
Three new species of prayine siphonophore (Calycophorae, Prayidae) collected by a submersible, with notes on related species
In situ observations of deepwater medusae in the genus Deepstaria, with a descriptionof D. Reticulum, sp. nov.
In situ foraging and feeding behavior of narcomedusae (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa)