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Heat Transfer Characterization of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
The Effect of Flexibility and Aspect Ratios on Ribbon-Fin-Propulsion
Propulsive performance of an under-actuated robotic ribbon fin
Design and assessment of a flexible fish robot actuated by shape memory alloys
Hydrodynamics of mangrove-type root models: the effect of porosity, spacing ratio and flexibility
Fluid dynamics of the larval zebrafish pectoral fin and the role of fin bending in fluid transport
Analyzing the effect of fin morphology on the propulsive performance of an oscillating caudal fin using a robotic model
CFD Study of Pectoral Fins of Larval Zebrafish: Effect of Reynolds Number, Swimming Kinematics and Fin Bending on Fluid Structures and Transport.
Computational Study of the Heat Transfer and Fluid Structure of a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
Development of a Flapping Actuator Based on Oscillating Electromagnetic Fields
Testing Momentum Enhancement Of Ribbon Fin Based Propulsion Using A Robotic Model With An Adjustable Body
Propulsive Performance and Maneuver Control of Undulatory Ribbon Fin Propulsion Using Bio-inspired Robotic Systems
Hydrodynamics of mangrove root-type models
Hydrodynamic Interactions of Pitching Hydrofoils in Close Formation
Swimming control of an underwater vessel with elongated ribbon fin propulsion