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veil and the state: Debating the unveiling and re-veiling of women in twentieth-century Iran
Birth across borders: a comparative study of Guatemalan-Maya maternal care in San Miguel Acatán and Palm Beach County
Ethnobotany in the Kailash Sacred Landscape, Nepal: Implications for Conservation Through Interactions of Plants, People, Culture and Geography
Disordered caffeination: a biocultural analysis of adverse reactions to caffeine
Perceptions of the environment: an ethnographic study of sensory awareness and environmental activism among south Florida yoga practitioners
Understanding the Cultural Changes of Family Creation, Size and Unity Through the Analysis of the Changing Behaviors and Meanings of Their Symbols
Jewish Identity: Sexuality, Doctrine and Faith
Public Perception of Health Risks Related to Climate Change in Broward County, Florida
Identifying disparities in K-12 dance education in the state of Florida: the need for consistency in curricular choice and instructional design
Cross-cultural comparison of plant use knowledge in Baitadi and Darchula districts, Nepal Himalaya
Land-Use and Socioeconomic Change, Medicinal Plant Selection and Biodiversity Resilience in Far Western Nepal
Are Women Moving? Food Insecurity, Obesity, and Women’s Food-Access Strategies in Broward County Florida’s Food Deserts