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Biomass offsets little or none of permafrost carbon release from soils, streams, and wildfire: an expert assessment

Title: Biomass offsets little or none of permafrost carbon release from soils, streams, and wildfire: an expert assessment: .
Name(s): Abbott, Benjamin W, author
Jones, Jeremy B, author
Schuur, Edward A G, author
Chapin III, F Stuart, author
Bowden, William B, author
Bret-Harte, M Syndonia, author
Epstein, Howard E, author
Flannigan, Michael D, author
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Hollingsworth, Teresa N, author
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McGuire, A David, author
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Tank, Suzanne E, author
Turetsky, Merritt R, author
Vonk, Jorien E, author
Wickland, Kimberly P, author
Aiken, George R, author
Alexander, Heather D, author
Amon, Rainer M W, author
Benscoter, Brian W, author
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Bishop, Kevin, author
Blarquez, Olivier, author
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Christensen, Torben R, author
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de Groot, William J, author
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Dorrepaal, Ellen, author
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Finlay, Jacques C, author
Forbes, Bruce C, author
French, Nancy H F, author
Gauthier, Sylvie, author
Girardin, Martin P, author
Goetz, Scott J, author
Goldammer, Johann G, author
Gough, Laura, author
Grogan, Paul, author
Guo, Laodong, author
Higuera, Philip E, author
Hinzman, Larry, author
Hu, Feng Sheng, author
Hugelius, Gustaf, author
Jafarov, Elchin E, author
Jandt, Randi, author
Johnstone, Jill F, author
Jan Karlsson, , author
Kasischke, Eric S, author
Kattner, Gerhard, author
Kelly, Ryan, author
Keuper, Frida, author
Kling, George W, author
Kortelainen, Pirkko, author
Kouki, Jari, author
Kuhry, Peter, author
Laudon, Hjalmar, author
Laurion, Isabelle, author
Macdonald, Robie W, author
Mann, Paul J, author
Martikainen, Pertti J, author
McClelland, James W, author
Molau, Ulf, author
Oberbauer, Steven F, author
Olefeldt, David, author
Paré, David, author
Parisien, Marc-André, author
Payette, Serge, author
Peng, Changhui, author
Pokrovsky, Oleg S, author
Rastetter, Edward B, author
Raymond, Peter A, author
Raynolds, Martha K, author
Rein, Guillermo, author
Reynolds, James F, author
Robards, Martin, author
Rogers, Brendan M, author
Schädel, Christina, author
Schaefer, Kevin, author
Schmidt, Inger K, author
Shvidenko, Anatoly, author
Sky, Jasper, author
Spencer, Robert G M, author
Starr, Gregory, author
Striegl, Robert G, author
Teisserenc, Roman, author
Tranvik, Lars J, author
Virtanen, Tarmo, author
Welker, Jeffrey M, author
Zimov, Sergei, author

, editor
, translator
Type of Resource: text
Genre: Article
Date Issued: 2016-03-07
Identifier: 10.1088/1748-9326/11/3/034014 (doi), flvc_fau_islandoraimporter_10.1088_1748-9326_11_3_034014_1632246943 (IID), (uri)

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