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A brominated (aminoimidazolinyl) indole from the sponge Discodermia polydiscus

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Title: A brominated (aminoimidazolinyl) indole from the sponge Discodermia polydiscus.
Name(s): Sun, H. H., creator
Sakemi, S., creator
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
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Genre: Article
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Date Issued: 1991
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Extent: 3 p.
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Language(s): English
Identifier: 3332982 (digitool), FADT3332982 (IID), fau:6193 (fedora), 10.1021/jo00013a045 (doi)
Note(s): A wide variety of bioactive imidazole alkaloids derived from aromatic amino acids were reported from marine invertebrates.1 Representative structures included aplysinopsins,2 topsentins,3 polyandrocarpamide D,4 and naamidines.5 During the course of our search for antitumor compounds from marine organisms, we isolated a novel brominated (aminoimidazolinyl)indole, designated as discodermindole (l), from the sponge Discodermia polydiscus DuBocage 1879 (family Theonellidae, order Lithistida).6
This document is the accepted manuscript version of a published work that appeared in final form in The Journal of Organic Chemistry after peer review and technical editing by the publisher. To access the final edited and published work see This article may be cited as: Sun, H. H., & Sakemi, S. (1991). A brominated (aminoimidazolinyl) indole from the sponge Discodermia polydiscus. The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 56(13), 4307-4308. doi:10.1021/jo00013a045
Florida Atlantic University. Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute contribution #836.
Subject(s): Sponges
Marine natural products
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