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Library Assessment Project Report: Upper-Level STEM Student Library Use Study

Title: Library Assessment Project Report: Upper-Level STEM Student Library Use Study.
Name(s): Padron, Kristy
Type of Resource: text
Date Issued: 2017-10
Publisher: Florida Atlantic University Digital Library
Place of Publication: Boca Raton, Fla.
Physical Form: application/pdf
Extent: 31 p.
Language(s): English
Summary: The purpose of the Upper-Level STEM Student Library Use Study was to determine the amount of library instruction received by undergraduate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) students at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), the information resources they use, and their perceived level of confidence in using library resources. The study also gauged student satisfaction with library services, facilities, and technology with 75% as a goal for overall satisfaction rating. 333 students participated, falling short of the desired sample size, and reached 93% of the number needed to gain a statistically significant sample size of 357. A 20-item survey was administered from November 2016 through March 2017 and gathered standardized student responses to make inferences about the undergraduate STEM student body. Survey results showed that participants were generally satisfied with library services, information sources, and technology since the average satisfaction rating was 59%. This, as well as satisfaction with the building and study spaces, at 52%, fell short of the goal of 75% indicated in the study proposal. Participants expressed more confidence in using the library if they had library instruction sessions although the association was small, according to the results of a correlation test that was employed. Participants were more likely to use the library as a place to study but less likely to use its information resources, and often used search engines to find information for academic purposes. Results of the study recommend improvements to study spaces and in promoting library services. The results also suggest conducting user studies of students in other majors and also faculty to gain a comprehensive view of library use.
Identifier: FAUIR000225 (IID)
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