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Motion Alters Color Appearance

Title: Motion Alters Color Appearance.
Name(s): Hong, Sang Wook, author
Kang, Min-Suk, author
Type of Resource: text
Genre: Article
Date Issued: 2016-12-08
Summary: Chromatic induction compellingly demonstrates that chromatic context as well as spectral lights reflected from an object determines its color appearance. Here, we show that when one colored object moves around an identical stationary object, the perceived saturation of the stationary object decreases dramatically whereas the saturation of the moving object increases. These color appearance shifts in the opposite directions suggest that normalization induced by the object’s motion may mediate the shift in color appearance. We ruled out other plausible alternatives such as local adaptation, attention, and transient neural responses that could explain the color shift without assuming interaction between color and motion processing. These results demonstrate that the motion of an object affects both its own color appearance and the color appearance of a nearby object, suggesting a tight coupling between color and motion processing.
Identifier: 10.1038/srep36272 (doi), (uri), FAUIR000022 (IID)
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Host Institution: FAU
Is Part Of: Scientific Reports.