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Development of tools for underwater vehicles

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Title: Development of tools for underwater vehicles.
Name(s): Kocak, D. M.
Neely, J. W.
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Type of Resource: text
Genre: Article
Date Issued: 2000
Publisher: Doyle Publishing Co.
Place of Publication: Houston, TX
Physical Form: pdf
Extent: 10 p.
Language(s): English
Identifier: FA00007154 (IID)
Note(s): As underwater exploration and work continues to plunge to deeper depths, an increased emphasis is placed on the use of underwater vehicles equipped with specialized tools. These tools are often one of a kind, and must be designed to withstand and operate under the extreme conditions found in the deep ocean environment. For nearly 30 years, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution's Engineering Division has been recognized as premier designers and builders of innovative ROV and submersible tool packages. Recently, engineers have also begun developing tools for AUV use.
Florida Atlantic University. Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute contribution 1323
This manuscript is an author version with the final publication available and may be cited as: Kocak, D. M., & Neely, J. W. (2000). Development of tools for underwater vehicles. In Underwater Intervention 2000 Conference Proceedings. Houston, TX: Doyle Publishing Co.
Subject(s): Underwater vehicles
Submersibles--Design and construction
Submersibles--Automatic control
Remote submersibles
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