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What is self organization?

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2006-04 - 2006-08
Title: What is self organization?.
Name(s): Liebovitch, Larry S., creator
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Genre: Article
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Date Issued: 2006-04 - 2006-08
Publisher: The Plexus Institute
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FAU Department/College: Department of Psychology Charles E. Schmidt College of Science
Note(s): The most surprising forms of self-organization begin with a few simple rules of individual units that form unanticipated patterns and complex structures. Many different physical, chemical, or biological mechanisms can self-organize microscopic pieces into strikingly similar global patterns. These patterns are produced by mathematical equations.
This manuscript is a version of an article published in Emerging (April-August 2006) p. 16-19
Subject(s): Biomathematics
Self-Organizing systems
Cellular automata--mathematical models
Molecules--Mathematical models
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