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Dynamics of two-actor cooperation–competition conflict models

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Title: Dynamics of two-actor cooperation–competition conflict models.
Name(s): Liebovitch, Larry S., creator
Naudot, Vincent, creator
Vallacher, Robin R., creator
Nowak, Andrzej, creator
Bui-Wrzosinska, Lan, creator
Coleman, Peter T., creator
Type of Resource: text
Genre: Article
Issuance: single unit
Date Issued: 2008-11-01
Publisher: Elsevier B.V.
Language(s): English
Identifier: 165475 (digitool), FADT165475 (IID), fau:2606 (fedora), 10.1016/j.physa.2008.07.020 (doi)
FAU Department/College: Department of Psychology Charles E. Schmidt College of Science
Note(s): This article presents a nonlinear ordinary differential equation model of the conflict between two actors, who could be individuals, groups, or nations. The state of each actor depends on its own state in isolation, its previous state in time, its inertia to change, and the positive feedback (cooperation) or negative feedback (competition) from the other actor. The authors analytically determined the stability of the critical points of the model and explored its dynamical behavior through numerical integrations and analytical proofs. Some results of the model are consistent with previously observed characteristics of conflicts, and other results make new testable predictions on how the dynamics of a conflict and its outcome depend on the strategies chosen by the actors.
This manuscript is a version of an article published in Physica A v. 387, no. 25 (2008) p.6360–6378
Subject(s): Nonlinear theories
Social systems--Mathematical models
Conflict management
Differential equations
Dynamics--Mathematical models
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