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Relationships between the global structure of genetic networks and mRNA levels measured by cDNA microarrays

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Title: Relationships between the global structure of genetic networks and mRNA levels measured by cDNA microarrays.
Name(s): Liebovitch, Larry S., creator
Shehadeh, Lina A., creator
Jirsa, Viktor K., creator
Type of Resource: text
Genre: Article
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Date Issued: 2006-05-16
Publisher: Elsevier B.V.
Language(s): English
Identifier: 165446 (digitool), FADT165446 (IID), fau:2604 (fedora), 10.1016/j.physa.2005.08.069 (doi)
FAU Department/College: Department of Psychology Charles E. Schmidt College of Science
Note(s): Previous studies of genetic interactions have focused on measuring and analyzing the level of mRNA expressed by each gene and then finding statistical correlations between them. The authors, in this article, focus on assessing the global pattern, not the level of activity of specific genes. They formulate models of different architectures of genetic interactions, including random and scale free patterns with homogeneous, heterogeneous, and symmetric connection topologies. The authors then compute the probability density function (PDF) of the mRNA levels produced by each model. Thus, they make a dictionary of the mRNA patterns produced by different architectures of genetic interactions. Then they compare these results to the statistics of mRNA levels experimentally measured by cDNA microarrays. The authors then read their dictionary backwards, starting from the statistical patterns of the mRNA levels, to find the pattern of genetic interactions responsible for the observed experimental data. They find that the data is best represented by a model where different genes have different patterns of input regulation from the other genes but the same patterns of output regulation to the other genes.
This manuscript is a version of an article published in Physica A: Staistical Mechanics and its Applications 364 (2006) p. 297–314
Subject(s): DNA microarrays
Gene Expression Regulation
DNA- protein interactions
Genetic regulation
Messenger RNA--Analysis
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