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Fractal methods to analyze ion channel kinetics

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Title: Fractal methods to analyze ion channel kinetics.
Name(s): Liebovitch, Larry S., creator
Scheurle, Daniela, creator
Rusek, Marian, creator
Zochowskis, Michal, creator
Type of Resource: text
Genre: Article
Issuance: single unit
Date Issued: 2001-08
Publisher: Academic Press (Elsevier B.V.)
Language(s): English
Identifier: 165246 (digitool), FADT165246 (IID), fau:2601 (fedora), 10.1006/meth.2001.1206 (doi)
FAU Department/College: Department of Psychology Charles E. Schmidt College of Science
Note(s): The article describes the traditional nonfractal and the new fractal methods used to analyze the currents through ion channels in the cell membrane. We discuss the hidden assumptions used in these methods and how those assumptions lead to different interpretations of the same experimental data. The nonfractal methods assumed that channel proteins have a small number of discrete states separated by fixed energy barriers.
This manuscript is a version of an article published in Methods v. 24, no. 4 (August 2001) p. 359–375
Subject(s): Fractals
Ion Channels-Mathematical models
Ion flow dynamics
Chaotic behavior in systems
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