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Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Suicide
Changes in adolescent online social networking behaviors from 2006 to 2009
Curtailing cyber and information security vulnerabilities through situational crime prevention
Cyberbullying Among Adolescents: Implications for Empirical Research
Cyberbullying and Self-Esteem*
Cyberbullying myths and realities
Cyberbullying: An Exploratory Analysis of Factors Related to Offending and Victimization
Cyberbullying: Neither an epidemic nor a rarity
Deindividuation and Internet Software Piracy
Measuring cyberbullying: Implications for research
Neutralizing Music Piracy: An Empirical Examination
Occupational Stressors and Antinormative Behavior
Personal information of adolescents on the Internet: A quantitative content analysis of MySpace
Police officer performance appraisal and overall satisfaction
Social Influences on Cyberbullying Behaviors Among Middle and High School Students
Traditional and Nontraditional Bullying Among Youth: A Test of General Strain Theory
Trends and Patterns Among Music Pirates
Trends in online social networking: adolescent use of MySpace over time
US cybercrime units on the world wide web
Work place violence and negative affective responses: A test of Agnew's general strain theory