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Adapting the pin-intercept method to estimate emergent biomass in sawgrass-dominated communities of the Florida Everglades
Biotic phase-shifts in Florida Bayand fore reef communities of the Florida Keys: linkages with historical freshwater flows and nitrogenloading from Everglades runoff
Cascading effects of vegetation on peat soil properties and crayfish survival in the Florida Everglades
Evaluating the effectiveness of seed banks for the recovery of sawgrass in A.R.M Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge
Everglades education: analysis of the” everglades on you program”
Increasing Integrity in Sea-Level Rise Impact Assessment on Florida’s Coastal Everglades
Interview with Joe Schweigart – ca. 2008
Interview with Maxie Simmons – ca. 2008
Using Hydrogeophysical Methods for Investigating Carbon Dynamics in the Greater Everglades Watershed: Implications for the Spatial and Temporal Variability in Carbon Stocks and Biogenic Gas Fluxes