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A walk on the deepside: animals in the deep sea
Biogeographic and bathymetric ranges of Atlantic deep-sea echinoderms and ascidians: the role of larval dispersal
Distribution, diet and reproduction inthe genus Echinus: evidence for recent diversification?
Ecology and gametogenic biology of the genus Umbellula (Pennatulacea) in the North Atlantic Ocean
Embryology of vestimentiferan tube worms from deep-sea methane/sulfide seeps
Embryonic pressure tolerancesof bathyal and littoral echinoids from the tropical Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
Embryos of the deep-sea echinoid Echinus affinis require high pressure for development
Gametogenesis, spawning behavior, and early development in the “iceworm” Hesiocaeca methanicola (Polychaeta: Hesionidae) from methane hydrates in the Gulf of Mexico
Ovarian development in the class Holothuroidea: a reassessment of the “tubule recruitment model.”
Pairing behavior, reproduction and diet in the deep-sea holothurian genusParoriza (Holothurioidea: Synallactidae)
Perception and selection of macrophyte detrital falls by the bathyal echinoid Stylocidaris lineata
Potential for deep sea invasion by Mediterranean shallow water echinoids: pressure and temperature as stage-specific dispersal barriers
Reproduction and dispersal at vents and cold seeps
Reproduction in marine invertebrates in “stable” environments: the deep sea model
Seasonal breeding aggregations in low-density populations of the bathyal echinoid Stylocidaris lineata
Temperature and pressure tolerances in dispersal stages of the genus Echinus (Echinodermata: Echinoidea): prerequisites for deep‐sea invasion and speciation
Temperature and pressure tolerances of embryos and larvae of the Antarctic sea urchin Sterechinus neumayeri (Echinodermata: Echinoidea): potential for deep-sea invasion from high latitudes
Thepopulation biology and genetics of the deep-sea spider crab, Encephaloides armstrongi Wood-Mason1891 (Decapoda: Majidae)
Vertical distribution correlates with pressure tolerances of early embryos in the deep-seaasteroid Plutonaster bifrons