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13C/12C ratios and the trophic importance of algae in Florida Syringodium filiforme seagrass meadows
A comparison of nutrient-limited productivity in macroalgae from a Caribbean barrier reef and from a mangrove ecosystem
An experimental test of the capacity of food web interactions (fish-epiphytes-seagrasses) to offset the negative consequences of eutrophication on seagrass communities
Bryozoan-algal associations in coastal and continental shelf waters of eastern Florida
Drift rhodophyte blooms emerge in Lee County, Florida, USA: Evidence of escalating coastal eutrophication
Effects of physical gradients on the production dynamics of sediment-associated algae
Harmful algae on tropical coral reefs: Bottom-up eutrophication and top-down herbivory
Macroalgal blooms on southeast Florida coral reefs II. Cross-shelf discrimination of nitrogen sources indicates widespread assimilation of sewage nitrogen
Motile epifauna of marine macrophytes in the Indian River Lagoon, Florida. II. Comparisons between drift algae and three species of seagrasses
New records and range extensions of deepwater algae from east Flower Garden Bank, northwestern Gulf of Mexico
Screening of aquatic plants and algae for removal of toxic heavy metals
Seasonal abundance and distribution of drift algae and seagrasses in the Mid-Indian River Lagoon, Florida
The ecology of the western Atlantic athecate hydroid, Solanderia gracilis
The relationship between fish abundance and algal biomass in a seagrass-drift algae community
The subtleties of camouflage and dietary preference of the decorator crab, Microphrys bicornutus Latreille (Decapoda: Brachyura)