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An investigation of near-bottom flow patterns along and across Hawk Channel, Florida Keys
An investigation of nearshoreflow patterns in the central Bahamas: implications for transport of queen conch (Strombus gigas)larvae
An investigation of tidal and low-frequency current processes in Florida’s Indian River Lagoon.
An investigation of tidal and nontidal current patterns in Western Hawk Channel, Florida Keys
Coastal upwelling off the central Florida Atlantic coast: cold near-shore waters during summer months surprise many divers
Comparative use of food and space by three Bahamian butterflyfishes
Effects of summer upwelling on the abundance and vertical distribution of fish and crustacean larvae off central Florida’s Atlantic coast
Interaction of physical and biological factors in the large-scale distribution of juvenile queen conch in seagrass meadows
Interactions between Florida Bay and Atlantic shelf waters in response to Tropical Storm Gordon
Intrusion of warm hyper-pycnal plumes in shelfwaters of the Exuma Cays
Near-shore circulation in the lower Florida Keys
The role of advection in transporting nutrients to the Florida reef tract
Tidal and long-term flow through two tidal channels connecting southern Biscayne Bay and Card Sound with Atlantic shelf waters
Tidal and long-term volume transport through Jewfish Creek, Florida Keys
Tidal and Wind-Driven Circulation Through Lignum Vitae Basin, Florida Bay
Transport of warm, high-salinity water to fringing reefs in the Exuma Cays, Bahamas: implications for coral bleaching
Upwind return flow in a coastal lagoon: Seasonal-scale barotropic transport