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Characterization of Leachate Clogging Solids
Comparison of the Rotational Behavior of Coffee Creamer in Two Different Liquid Media
Correlation of Chloride Diffusivity and Electrical Resistance for Cracked Concrete
FAU Climate Change Initiative Priority Theme: Research, Engineering, and Adaption to a Change Climate
Formation of Water Rings Around a Rotating Centroid in Oil
Improving the Resilience of a Municipal Water Utility Against the Likely Impacts of Climate Change - A Case Study: City of Pompano Beach Water Utility
Limited Movement Assistant for Arthritic Hands (LMAAH)
Misuse Pattern: Keyboard Injection Through The USB Human Interface Device Class
Multi-factor Authentication
Resulting Hydraulic Jump From Oscillatory Forces Acting on a Pipe
Should the Navy be exempt from marine mammal protection regulations in times of peace?
Stucco Removal Engineering
Water Cone Improvement Project