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Human powered reverse osmosis for providing portable water for developing countries
Carbon dioxide capture by engineering a self-sustained coral reef park with renewable energy
Reduction of urinary tract infections caused by urethral catheter through the implementation of hydrophobic textile coating and other geometrical modifications
Visualization of salt fingers and double diffusive convection
Electrochemical Process of Biorock for Carbon Dioxide Capture
Resulting Hydraulic Jump From Oscillatory Forces Acting on a Pipe
Comparison of the Rotational Behavior of Coffee Creamer in Two Different Liquid Media
Water Cone Improvement Project
Formation of Water Rings Around a Rotating Centroid in Oil
Better Catheter Design with Improved Liquid Flow through Tubes
Engineering a Self-Sustained Coral Reef Park with Renewable Energy
With a Finned-Hat to Lower Head’s Surface Temperature: Let the Cool Head Prevail
Preventing Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Meltdown
Development of a Cooling Wristband with Embedded Temperature Monitor
Fluid Structure Interaction and Morphing Ocean Structure Deployment
Nonlinear dynamics of autonomous underwater vehicles in ocean currents
First Arctic Under-ice Ocean Walking Laboratory (FAU OWL)
Spreading Dynamics of Water Film on a Vibrating Glass