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Variation in the Major Histocompatibility Gene is Maintained By Selection Imposed By Infectious Disease.
Bacterial Community Analysis of Soil Samples Beneath Decomposing Sus scrofa Carcasses
Analyzing Changes in Salinity and Evaporation on Water Quality
A comparative survey of Gopherus polyphemus hemoparasites in two differing South Florida habitats
Saving the Earth From Becoming Like Venus
Levels of Tension in Relation to Video Use in Therapy Lessons
A Cross-Lingustic Analysis of Language Effects on Personality Measures in Spanish-English Bilinguals
Mapping Habitats of Lionfish in Fort Lauderdale
Simulation and Construction of a Maxwell Coil
Urban Growth’s Effect on the Florida Everglades
Baseline Study for the Identification of Intestinal Parasites in Gopher Tortoises Found in Blazing Star and Pine Jog
"Tiger Stripe" Phenomena in Indian River Lagoon Dolphins
Scalable Synthesis of 18-Crown-6 Based Lariat Ethers and Their Evaluation as Catalysts in Ester Hydolyosis
Synthesis of Complex Polycyclic Scaffolds Incorporating α-Amino Esters