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Constraints of landscape level prey availability on physiological condition and productivity of great egrets and white ibises in the Florida Everglades
Population distribution, habitat selection, and life history of the slough crayfish (Procambarus fallax) in the ridge-slough landscape of the central Everglades
Phosphate-associated phenotype plasticity as a driver of cattail invasion in the sawgass-dominated Everglades
Biogenic gas dynamics in peat soil blocks using ground penetrating radar: a comparative study in the laboratory between peat soils from the Everglades and from two northern peatlands in Minnesota and Maine
Dietary niche relationships of white ibis, tricolored heron and snowy egret nestlings in the northern Everglades
effects of water depth and vegetation on wading bird foraging habitat selection and foraging succes in the Everglades
Comparison of chemotaxonomic methods for the determination of periphyton community composition
Studies of specific gene expression of phosphate transporters in sawgrass (Cladium jamaicense crantz) and cattail (Typha domingensis pers.)
Plant and ant communities in the northern Everglades
Hierarchical resource selection and movement of two wading bird species with divergent foraging strategies in the Everglades