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Antitumor activity and nucleic acid binding properties of Dercitin, a new acridinealkaloid isolated from a marine dercitus species sponge
Antitumor cyclic peroxides from the sponge Plakortis lita
Antitumor macrodiolides isolated from a marine sponge Theonella sp.: structure revision of misakinolide A
Discodermolide: a new bioactive polyhydroxylated lactone from the marine sponge Discodermia dissoluta
Discorhabdin D, an antitumor alkaloid from the sponges Latrunculia brevis and Prianos sp.
Discorhabdins S, T, and U, New Cytotoxic Pyrroloiminoquinones from a Deep‐Water Caribbean Sponge of the Genus Batzella
Makaluvamine G, a cytotoxic pigment from an Indonesian sponge Histodermella sp.
Manzamine A, a novel antitumor alkaloid from a sponge
Puupehenone, a cytotoxic metabolite from a deep water marine sponge, Stronglyophora hartmani
Total synthesis of a potent hybrid of the anticancer natural products dictyostatin and discodermolide.