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Cytotoxic peptides from marine sponges
Discodermolide: a new bioactive polyhydroxylated lactone from the marine sponge Discodermia dissoluta
Eryloside E from an Atlantic sponge Erylus goffrilleri
Immunosuppressive compounds from a deep water marine sponge, Agelas flabelliformis
Isometachromin, a new cytotoxic sesquiterpenoid from a deep water sponge of the family Spongiidae
Lasonolides C—G, Five New Lasonolide Compounds from the Sponge Forcepia sp.
Plakolide A, a New γ‐Lactone from the Marine Sponge Plakortis sp.
Semisynthetic Analogues of the Microtubule‐Stabilizing Agent Discodermolide: Preparation and Biological Activity
The chemistry and biological activity of five marine sponges of the genus Aplysina
The microtubule-stabilizing agent discodermolide competitively inhibits the binding of paclitaxel (Taxol) to tubulin polymers, enhances tubulin nucleation reactions more potently than paclitaxel, and inhibits the growth of paclitaxel-resistant cells.
Theopederins K and L. Highly Potent Cytotoxic Metabolites from a Marine Sponge Discodermia Species