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(+)-Curcuphenol and (+)-Curcudiol, sesquiterpene phenols from shallow and deep water collections of the marine sponge Didiscus Flavus
1,1-Dimethyl-5,6-dihydroxyindolinium chloride from a deep water marine sponge, Dercitus sp.
Dercitin, a new biologically active acridine alkaloid from a deep water marine sponge, Dercitus sp.
Duryne, a new cytotoxic agent from the marine sponge Cribrochalina dura
Isolation and structure elucidation of onnamide a, a new bioactive metabolite of a marine sponge, Theonella sp.
Manzamine B and C, two novel alkaloids from the sponge Haliciona sp
New cytotoxic acridine alkaloids from two deep water marine sponges of the family Pachastrellidae
New manzamine alkaloids from a sponge of the genus xestospongia
Puupehenone, a cytotoxic metabolite from a deep water marine sponge, Stronglyophora hartmani