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An Exploration of Testosterone Mediated Effects on Auditory Learning in Northern Bobwhite Quail
Assessing Children’s Performance on the Facial Emotion Recognition Task with Familiar and Unfamiliar Faces: An Autism Study
Behavioral Expressions of Jealousy Across the First Two Years of Life: Associations with EEG Asymmetry, Cortisol Reactivity and Attachment Security
Breastfeeding and kangaroo care: biobehavioral measures of dyadic bonding, infant cortical maturation, and infant HPA reactivity
Electroencephalography in children with autism
Emotional and Behavioral Effects within the Triadic Family System: Actor-Partner Interdependence between Parents and Preschoolers
Infant Jealousy Responses: Temperament and EEG
Kangaroo care with full-term infants: maternal behaviors and mother-infant bonding
Maternal influence on early infant emotional regulation: A study of 3-month infant behavior, cortisol and frontal EEG
Neuroplasticity and the developing brain:  the psychophysiological effects of mindfulness meditation on school-aged children
Stress Reactivity in Children Following an Academic Stressor: Associations and Interactions with Intrapersonal Characteristics