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Isometachromin, a new cytotoxic sesquiterpenoid from a deep water sponge of the family Spongiidae
(+)-Curcuphenol and (+)-Curcudiol, sesquiterpene phenols from shallow and deep water collections of the marine sponge Didiscus Flavus
An antiviral sesquiterpene hydroquinone from the marine sponge Strongylophora hartmani
Biogenetically diverse, bioactive constituents of a sponge, order Verongida: bromotyramines and sesquiterpene-shikimate derived metabolites
Puupehenone, a cytotoxic metabolite from a deep water marine sponge, Stronglyophora hartmani
Sesquiterpene-derived metabolites from the deep water marine sponge Poecillastra sollasi
Bis(sulfato)-cyclosiphonodictyol A, a new disulfated sesquiterpene-hydroquinone from a deep water collection of the marine sponge Siphonodictyon coralliphagum
Wiedendiol-A and -B, Cholesteryl ester transfer protein inhibitors from the marine sponge Xestospongia wiedenmayeri
Puupehenone-related metabolites from two Hawaiian sponges, Hyrtios spp