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Final Report- Survey of fish assemblages and benthic habitat at Pulley Ridge, S.W. Florida shelf; Part 1- Characterization of benthic habitat and biota with documentation of hard/live bottom.  Report to NOAA Fisheries
Photo album and taxonomy of benthic macrobiota from 2012-2013 ROV dives on Pulley Ridge mesophotic reefs
Connectivity of the Pulley Ridge - South Florida Coral Reef Ecosystem:Processes to Decision-Support Tools
Characterization of the Mesophotic Benthic Habitat and Fish Assemblagesfrom ROV Dives on Pulley Ridge and Tortugas during 2012 and 2013 R/V Walton SmithCruises
Proposal to Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council: Proposed Pulley Ridge HAPC Extension.  Presented to GOMFC- Coral Group Meeting Webinar, Dec. 4, 2014
Preliminary Cruise Report.  2015 HBOI-FAU Cruise.  Mesophotic and deepwater reef ecosystems- ROV/AUV surveys of SW Florida Shelf including Northern Pulley Ridge and Howell Hook regions. May 7-20, 2015
NOAA CIOERT Report: Survey of the Pulley Ridge Mesophotic Reef Ecosystem. NOAA Ship Nancy Foster Florida Shelf-Edge Exploration II (FLoSEE) Cruise Leg 1-September 12-19, 2011