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Immunosuppressive compounds from a deep water marine sponge, Agelas flabelliformis
Analogs of the marine immunosuppressant microcolin A: Preparation and biological activity
Immunosuppression by discodermolide
Discodermolide-a new, marine-derived immunosuppressive compound. II.In vivo studies
Discodermolide- a new, marine-derived immunosuppressive compound. I.In vitro studies
Chemistry and biology of the discodermolides, potent mitotic spindle poisons
The chemistry and biological activity of five marine sponges of the genus Aplysina
Synthesis of microcolin analogs using trimethylsilylated lactams
Microcolins A and B, new immunosuppressive peptides from the blue-green alga Lyngba majuscula
Antiproliferative and immunosuppressive properties of Microcolin A, a marine-derived lipopeptide
Synthetic studies of microcolin B.