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Comparing regulatory and distributive police programs for crime reduction: An evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency
Restorative justice and organizational change: The process of transformation
exploratory study of victim participation in the justice systems of Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad/Tobago
Integration disconnect in police agencies: the effects of agency factors on the production andconsumption of crime analysis
Testing the theory of dominant institutionalized policy narratives using Florida’s “stand your ground” discourse
Old enough to kill ; too young to die?
Caught red-handed, but not guilty
Gendered images of expertise, leadership and virture
Relationships among crime analysis, accountability, and innovative policing strategies: results from a national survey
Representative bureaucracy: Active representation in a juvenile justice context
Jury decision-making
Truth and Reconciliation Commissions and the Colombian Justice and Peace Law and Victims
Gender Disparity: A view of Florida’s Correction System
Data Fusion of LiDAR and Aerial Imagery to Map the Campus of Florida Atlantic University
Guilty" until proven innocent
DNA profiling and Fourth Amendment privacy
demographic profile of the victims and perpetrators of domestic homicide