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Bioassay-guided isolation and identification of linoleic acid: A guanosine diphosphate/G-protein RASexchange (GDPX) inhibitor from Aspergillus
Diterpene metabolites from two chemotypes of the marine sponge Myrmekioderma styx
Analogs of the marine immunosuppressant microcolin A: Preparation and biological activity
Ophirapstanol trisulfate, a new biologically active steroid sulfate from the deep water marine sponge Topsentia ophiraphidites
Identification of the bacterial symbiont Entotheonella sp. in the mesohyl of the marine sponge Discodermia sp
Natural products from marine invertebrates: the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution experience
In vitro production of marine-derived antitumor compounds
Bioactivity of marine organisms: relationships with taxonomy, geography and depth
Submersible and scuba collections in the coastal waters of the Bahama Islands and Florida's oculina coral banks: Biomedical and biodiversity research of the benthic communities with emphasis on porifera and gorgonacea
Isolation, synthesis, and biological activity of Aphrocallistin, an adenine-substituted bromotyramine metabolite from the hexactinellida sponge Aphrocallistes beatrix