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Septins: One Ring to Bind Them
You’ve got to keep ‘em separated: characterizing lagging chromosome prevention in oral cancer cells
Keep it together: knockdowns of dynactin subunits demonstrate varying levels of importance in dynactin structure and microtubule organization
Tracking mitotic defects via time-lapse photography
Using oral cancer cell line UPCI: SCC078 to purify NuMA protein
Anchors aweigh: using shRNA TO MAP p150Glued  functionality in  anchoring microtubules at the centrosome
KIF9 knockdown in mammalian cells leads to multiple mitotic defects
Regulation of Dynactin-Mediated Microtubule Anchoring by the p24 Subunit
Disrupting methamphetamine associated memory by targeting synaptic dynamics
Development of cell-based functional assays to identify and characterize novel GABAb receptor allosteric modulators
Characterization of the kinesin KlF9 in mammalian cell cycle progression