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A comparison of the red fire ant and gopher tortoise burrow distribution within the FAU preserve.
Fecundity of the gopher tortoise (gopherus polyphemus) in a degraded and fragmented southeastern Florida scrub habitat
An identification and comparison of intestinal parasites found within Gopherus polyphemus at two differing Southeastern Florida habitats
Comparative survey of hemoparasites in two south Florida gopher tortoise populations
Distribution and Habitat Use of the Gopher Tortoise in a Declining Southeast Florida Conservation Area
Analysis of Cuban treefrog (osteopilus septentrionalis) predation on native Florida treefrog species
A comparative survey of Gopherus polyphemus hemoparasites in two differing South Florida habitats
Bacterial Community Analysis of Soil Samples Beneath Decomposing Sus scrofa Carcasses
Baseline Study for the Identification of Intestinal Parasites in Gopher Tortoises Found in Blazing Star and Pine Jog
An Analysis of Gopherus polyphemus Reproduction at the Florida Atlantic University Preserve
Analysis of the gopher tortoise tick (Amblyomma tuberculatum) and its distribution at the FAU Conservation Area in southestern Florida
A forensic entomological and anthropological investigation into the decomposition rates in South Florida: the insecta that colonize sus scrofa
A Survey of Gopherus polyphemus Intestinal Parasites in South Florida