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Post-fire succession and carbon storage in the northern Everglades
The implications of willow invasion in a sawgrass community
Adapting the pin-intercept method to estimate emergent biomass in sawgrass-dominated communities of the Florida Everglades
Experimental drying intensifies burning and carbon losses in a northern peatland
Evaluating the effectiveness of seed banks for the recovery of sawgrass in A.R.M Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge
Cascading effects of vegetation on peat soil properties and crayfish survival in the Florida Everglades
Invasion-mediated recovery following managed disturbance in the northern Everglades
Moderate drop in water table increases peatland vulnerability to post-fire regime shift
The impact of willow encroachment on water and carbon exchange in the vegetation of a subtropical wetland
Post-fire Succession and Carbon Storage in the Northern Everglades
The cascading impacts of vegetation on peat soil properties and crayfish survival in the Florida everglades
Influence of Soil Disturbance and Fire on the Distribution of Caesar’s Weed (Urena Lobata) in Pine Flatwoods
Determining the Effects of Fire on Ridge Shape Complexity In the Central Everglades
Biomass offsets little or none of permafrost carbon release from soils, streams, and wildfire: an expert assessment
FAU Climate Change Initiative Priority Theme: Research, Engineering, and Adaption to a Change Climate