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Integrated guardianship information system

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Date Issued:
Title: Integrated guardianship information system.
Name(s): Dattero, Ronald, creator
Galup, Stuart D., creator
Thabit, Bryan, creator
Florida Atlantic University, creator
Type of Resource: text
Genre: Patent
Date Issued: 2005-12
Extent: 10p.
Physical Description: PDF
Language(s): English
Identifier: 15807 (digitool), FADT15807 (IID), fau:7176 (fedora)
Note(s): PATENT STATUS: Granted. An integrated guardianship system. The system can include a Clerk of the Court system f or processing ward data and guardianship data; a guardian background investigation system communicatively link ed to the Clerk of the Court system over a computer communications network; and at least one database for stor ing ward, guardianship and background data, wherein the ward, guardianship and background data can be accessed by an authorized system communicatively linked to the computer communications network. Notably, the guardian background investigation system can conduct background investigations of guardians based on guardian data elec tronically provided by the Clerk of the Court system over the computer communications network. The background investigations, in turn, can produce guardian background data. Finally, the guardian background investigation system can electronically provide the guardian background data to the Clerk of the Court system over the compu ter communications network.
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