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Harwood, Chad, Kohlbeck, Mark, Florida Atlantic University, College of Business, School of Accounting
Brynildsen, Gina, Sashi, C.M., Florida Atlantic University, Department of Marketing, College of Business
Vakilzadeh, Seyed Hamidreza, Kohlbeck, Mark, Florida Atlantic University, College of Business, School of Accounting
Shelton, Austin, Javakhadze, David, Garcia-Feijoo, Luis, Florida Atlantic University, College of Business, Department of Finance
Faulkner, Matthew, Garcia-Feijoo, Luis, Florida Atlantic University, College of Business, Department of Finance


PID Fullname Research Interests Email Status Publications
Harari Michael B. Harari current Publications
Gauci Michael Gauci Publications
Dunn Kimberly Dunn Publications
DiCicco Joel DiCicco Publications
Shaw Eric Shaw Publications
Schreiber Elliot Schreiber Publications
Sashi C.M. Sashi Publications
Higgs Julia Higgs Publications
Gendler Richard Gendler Publications
Gaze Angela Gaze Publications
Root Ann Root Publications
Ricci Peter Ricci Publications
Rhorher Marc Rhorher Publications
Crain Michael Crain Publications
Cao Jian Cao Publications
Brown Laurence Brown Publications
Deroche Renee Deroche Publications
DaSilva Kathy DaSilva Publications
Zhang Ye Zhang Publications
Smith Allen Smith Publications
Quintero Stella Quintero Publications
Arflin Cheryl Arflin Publications
Bilgihan Anil Bilgihan Publications
Yoo Chul Woo Yoo Publications
Sweet Jonathan Sweet Publications
Mascarella Guiseppe Mascarella Publications
Jaffe Evan Jaffe Publications
Huang Derrick Huang Publications
Sharma Bharti Sharma Publications
Schindlbeck Mary Schindlbeck Publications
Resnick Rhian Resnick Publications
Hart Paul Hart Publications
Han Chingping (Jim) Han Publications
Goo Jahyun Goo Publications
Mullen Michael Mullen Publications
Mangleburg Tamara Mangleburg Publications
Madanoglu Melih Madanoglu Publications
Conte Barbara Conte Publications
Canonica Austen Canonica Publications
Bohan Gregory Bohan Publications
Sunqquist Sheri Sunqquist Publications
Subrahmanian Jayram Subrahmanian Publications
Iyer Gopalkrishnan Iyer Publications
Gray James Gray Publications
Korgonkar Pradeep Korgonkar Publications
Koku Paul Koku Publications
Thevenot Maya Thevenot Publications
Smatrakalev Georgi Smatrakalev Publications
Pinsker Robert Pinsker Publications
Orbach Kenneth Orbach Publications
Caudill Steven Caudill Publications
Bosshardt William Bosshardt Publications
Banerjee Kuntal Banerjee Publications
Walsh Mary Walsh Publications
Wainberg James Wainberg Publications
Urquhart William Urquhart Publications
Hsieh Hsin-Yi Hsieh Publications
Horky Anthony Horky Publications
Miller Steven Miller Publications
Kohlbeck Mark Kohlbeck Publications
Young Sherry Young Publications
Young George Young Publications
Rakestraw Joseph Rakestraw Publications
Qu Li Qu Publications
Mahathey Ryland Mahathey Publications
Knight Rainford Knight Publications
Johnson Kenneth Johnson Publications
Pomeranets Anna Pomeranets Publications
Pennathur Anita Pennathur Current Publications
McNulty James McNulty Publications
McDaniel William McDaniel Publications
Javakhadze David Javakhadze Publications
Gropper Daniel Gropper Publications
Zarruk Emilio Zarruk Publications
Yang Charles Yang Publications
Sotolongo Myrna Sotolongo Publications
Krugel Marcy Krugel Publications
Grunfield George Grunfield Publications
Granger James Granger Publications
Barnhart Scott Barnhart Publications
Alam Zinat Alam Publications
Agapova Anna Agapova aagapova@fau.ed Publications
Giannetti Antoine Giannetti Publications
Garcia-Feijoo Luis Garcia-Feijoo Publications
Rogers Louisa Rogers Publications
Rinne Craig Rinne Publications
Sindaco Beth Sindaco Publications
Sacks Emily Sacks Publications
Cole Rebel Cole Publications
Cheng Ping Cheng Publications
Gillespie Elizabeth Gillespie Publications
Nesbitt Laurie Nesbitt Publications
Faulkner Matthew Faulkner Publications
Mijares John Mijares Publications
Manage Neela Manage Publications
Rhodd Rupert Rhodd Publications
Register Charles Register Publications
Ramirez Maria Fernanda Ramirez Publications
Compomizzi Joseph Compomizzi Publications
Chive Joanne Chive Publications
Boyd Mary Kay Boyd Publications
Zang Yongmin Zang Publications
Yuhn Ky-Hyang Yuhn Publications
Vishwasrao Sharmila Vishwasrao Publications
Fuentes Dominique Fuentes Publications
Durbeej Jerry Durbeej Publications
Van Tassel Eric Van Tassel Publications
Rubio Margarita Rubio Publications
Ghosh Suman Ghosh Publications
Escaleras Monica Escaleras Publications
Levy Ting Levy Publications
Levy Eric Levy Publications
Chiang Eric Chiang Publications
Babbar Sunil Babbar Publications
Evans Maryann Evans Publications
Dyve Karen Dyve Publications
Dinev Tamara Dinev Publications
Galup Stuart Galup Publications
Feidelman Lawrence Feidelman Publications
Behara Ravi Behara Publications
Basiratmand Mehran Basiratmand Publications
Chin Pauline Chin Publications
Cerveny Robert Cerveny Publications
Carter Susan Carter Publications

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FAU Research Repository