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A new approach in radio and television broadcasting over the Internet

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Title: A new approach in radio and television broadcasting over the Internet.
Name(s): Furht, Borko, creator
Westwater, Raymond, creator
Ice, Jeffrey, creator
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Genre: Article
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Date Issued: 1999
Publisher: IEEE
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Language(s): English
Identifier: 345861 (digitool), FADT345861 (IID), fau:2112 (fedora), 10.1109/MMCS.1999.778545 (doi)
Note(s): This paper presents several techniques for broadcasting multimedia data (audio and video) over the Internet. Internet broadcasting (also called webcasting) techniques have become very important in applications for the Internet, radio and television, realtime broadcasting of critical data (such as stock prices), distance learning, videoconferencing, and other applications. We describe the current Internet broadcasting techniques including IP Unicast and IP Multicast, and we introduce a new technique referred to as IP Simulcast. The IP Simulcast approach is based on the hierarchical, binary structure of receivers, which at the same time become data senders or repeaters.
Borko Furht, Raymond Westwater, Jeffrey Ice, "A New Approach for Radio and Video Broadcasting over the Internet," icmcs, vol. 2, pp.553, 1999 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems (ICMCS'99) Volume 2, 1999
Subject(s): Broadcasting --Technological innovations.
Multimedia systems.
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