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Date Issued:
Title: Malkes-Malkes.
Name(s): Abramowitz, Max, creator
Russotto, Henry A., creator
Type of Resource: notated music
Genre: Sheet Music
Issuance: single unit
Date Issued: 1907
Publisher: Hebrew Publishing Company [original version]
Florida Atlantic University [digital version]
Physical Description: pdf[4p.]
Language(s): Yiddish
Identifier: 70757 (digitool), FADT70757 (IID), fau:1728 (fedora)
Note(s): FAU Libraries Jewish Print Music Collection dates from circa 1890-present and includes original manuscripts from renowned, non-living Jewish composers, handwritten music from American and European-born cantors, and rare—if not sole-surviving—scores from major American Jewish publishing houses no longer in existence. It also houses one of the nation’s largest collections of American Yiddish theater music, comprised of piano-vocal scores spanning the years 1890-1960. This digital collection contains select pieces from Special Collections scanned by the Digital Library.
Subject(s): Piano
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Owner Institution: FAU

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